THIRTEEN RISING is almost here (release date: 8/29)!!! If you’re in MIAMI, NY, or LA, I’d love to celebrate with you!!

#ZODIACBOOKS summer readathon


The 2-month countdown to THIRTEEN RISING begins NOW! This summer, join Penguin Teen + me for a #ZodiacBooks readathon–in any language–as part of Penguin Teen’s #SummerBookBinge! 💛 We’ll be sharing dates for the live Twitter Q&As soon. If you’ve already read the series, this is the perfect time for a reread before the fourth (+final) installment!


See you guys this summer on the Penguin Teen tour! Full list of events can be viewed here.


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If you lived in the Zodiac Universe, would you belong to your own sign’s House, or would you be a Riser? Find out by taking this quick quiz!

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on writing


For those Zodai who are aspiring authors, I recently dispensed some of my best writing advice. You can find my thoughts on everything from world building to surviving rejection here and here.

IMMIGRANT: identifying my identity

When I was eleven, my social studies teacher assigned us an essay on immigration. We had to write a page on whether we thought immigrants were a positive or a negative influence on our country.

I ruled against them.

In my paper, I regurgitated everything I’d heard from the people around me: Mainly, how immigrants were taking away our jobs and our opportunities and our safety. Pretty proud, I shared my finished essay with my mom that night, and we read it together so that I could translate any words she didn’t know.

I’ll never forget the look she gave me when we finished reading. There was so much pity in her expression…she must have seen in that instant that a decade into my stay on this planet, I still had no idea who I was.

And she said, “Romi…nosotros somos inmigrantes.”

We’re immigrants.

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the BLACK MOON blog tour!


Click here to check out the complete BLACK MOON blog tour, featuring the battlefield fashions of each Zodiac House! <3

Old Zodiac Nursery Rhyme

Rise Riser Rise a Zodiac poem by Romina Russell

Rise, Riser, arise,
For the stars are telling you lies!

You are Sagittarian,
But your soul is Aquarian.

You are out of the norm,
So you’ll have to transform.

Rise, Riser, arise,
For the stars are telling you lies!

If changes manifest,
Put your old self to rest.

Your new life will begin,
When you join your new kin.

Rise, Riser, arise,
For the stars are telling you lies!

But dear Riser beware,
Of a dire fate that’s rare:

If the shift twists your mind,
No true home will you find.

Now rise, Riser, arise,
To defy the stars and their lies!



And the title of ZODIAC 4 (the last book in the series) is… THIRTEEN RISING!