I come alive on the full moon

by Romina

 Lobizona cover close-up with the word Unafraid.
A closeup of Manu on the book cover design by Kerri Resnick, featuring art by Daria Hlazatova

I come alive on the full moon.

Lobizona goes on sale on the full moon! You have until August 4th to preorder your copy and fill out this form to receive free goodies in the mail.

Manuela Azul is an undocumented immigrant hiding from her father’s Argentine crime-family in a small Miami apartment. When her mother is arrested in an ICE raid, she uncovers the mystery of her family’s heritage—a realm of witches and werewolves, cursed cities and elemental magic—and gets caught between countries and worlds.

When I was five, my parents uprooted our family from Argentina to the United States. Growing up, I spent a lot of time feeling out of place and wondering who I would be if we had never left Argentina. I wrote Lobizona because it’s the book teen-me needed: A story about powerful immigrants who speak my languages and celebrate my traditions and make me swoon.

Lobizona is about what it’s like to come from two worlds but belong to neither. To speak two languages but still lack the vocabulary to define yourself. It’s also about shadow wolves and living libraries and werewolf soccer and first kisses and Flora, a teaching tree.

Bienvenidos a Lunaris . . .

PS: I hope you like the new website! I have to give huge thanks to my amazing brother-in-law Andy for designing this platform so that Manu and I can keep you all updated on the latest news.

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