Young Adult Books

  1. Book cover featuring a golden castle growing from a dead garden with a river of blood flowing down
  2. book cover featuring name of contributors and elements like stars and mermaids and the moon
  3. The Cazadora cover, featuring a girl, Manu, being split in two by her inner wolf. Manu's hair grows into wild foliage, all set against a bloodred background.
  4. book cover with girl moon and organic extensions from her hair
  5. Hope Nation cover with USA colors and list of author contributors.
  6. Pink book cover with Leo & Libra Zodiac signs.
  7. Purple, silver, & black book cover of Black Moon featuring the Pisces, Aquarius, & Scorpio Zodiac signs.
  8. cover of book 2 of the zodiac series wandering star
  9. cover of new york times best seller Zodiac